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Relentless Productions (RP) is a collective effort of a group of very close friends, whom work together closely in their free time after their “9-5” jobs to organize and host charity based car show and race weekend events that provide a fun atmosphere for enthusiasts of any make and model to come out and enjoy.

Hondas with Heart

Hondas with Heart is a charity car show and dyno event focused around the Honda automotive brand. Hondas with Heart benefits the Childrens Home Society of South Dakota in the form of cash donations from event attendees.

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Food Drive

Food Drive is our annual Charity Car show and racing event weekend put on in conjunction with an event with the Sports Car Club of Siouxland that benefits Feeding South Dakota in the form of non-perishable food items and cash donations.

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RP on YouTube

Follow our YouTube episodes from Alignment Rack Chat and Day in the Life to find out what it's like in our day to day lives and how we find time for our passion and hobby that is cars while also balancing all aspects of life in the 21st Century.

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If you have any questions, whether it be about attending or sponsoring one of our events. Apparel and decal questions or if you want to reach out to us about what we're doing on YouTube; reach out on our contact page today.

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Jon-Eric’s Type R gets louder (kind of)

Welcome to along overdue post from us here at Relentless Productions. I can’t really put into words how weird this year has been and how this year of expected normalcy went by the wayside really quickly. We do have a number of exciting updates within our group that I’m going […]

RP 2019 Updates Vol:2.5

When we left off in the last post we had the cams swapped the Prayoonto Stage 3 cams out and swapped in the OEM cams, timing cover on and valve cover back fastened down waiting for the new goodies to go on! Now that I’ve sufficiently left you guys and […]

RP 2019 Updates Vol:2.0

When I (Eli) started this series it was closer to Spring than it was Fall… but alas, summer in the upper Midwest happened again and here we are. Really it’s okay outside of the fact that it leaves y’all with the uncertainty of when the hell we’re going to actually […]

RP Spring Time Updates Vol:1.5

Prelude I’m (Eli) trying to stay on top of these updates the rest of the summer as we have quite a few for you from this past spring as well as an upcoming Hondas with Heart post! The event is coming up close and we’re super pumped at the response […]

RP Spring Time Updates Vol:1.0

Apps It’s crazy how quickly summer unfolds around here… more crazy that I don’t make it a point to write on here more as it’s truly an outlet for me to write these stories that I hope you all enjoy as much as I/we enjoy bringing them to you. Spring […]

Food Drive 2019 – Community

This post will be light on the words and car photos and more heavy on the groups of people that Johnny spotted around the show. I really enjoy seeing these, everyone just chillin hanging out enjoying the cars and company of fellow enthusiasts. Thanks again to everyone that came out […]

Food Drive 2019 – whoa!

Before I get into the article about the show itself I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone that came to the show from the bottom of our hearts at Relentless Productions… we were BLOWN AWAY at the turnout this past weekend and already can’t wait to start planning […]

RP Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving! A time every year we get to take inventory of our lives in a way that we can show thanks and gratitude; especially those closest to us.

RP Year in Review… Part Two (photo heavy)

Here we are… New Years Eve… Eve… looking back on this year yet again in the world of the Relentless Productions family. If you haven’t had a chance to, catch up with Food Drive and our Part One here Since Food Drive and the beginning of the year a lot […]

RP Year in Review… Part One

Welcome to “What we’ve been up to… 2018 Edition”. Admittedly I’ve (Eli) been slacking something fierce here on the blog for those that still keep up with what we’re doing as well as the people that religiously come to our shows (not to forget the newcomers we still see each […]