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RP Year in Review… Part Two (photo heavy)

Here we are… New Years Eve… Eve… looking back on this year yet again in the world of the Relentless Productions family. If you haven’t had a chance to, catch up with Food Drive and our Part One here Since Food Drive and the beginning of the year a lot […]

RP Year in Review… Part One

Welcome to “What we’ve been up to… 2018 Edition”. Admittedly I’ve (Eli) been slacking something fierce here on the blog for those that still keep up with what we’re doing as well as the people that religiously come to our shows (not to forget the newcomers we still see each […]

Winterfest of Wheels 2016

Winterfest of Wheels, like the previous two years; we were out there promoting Food Drive and Hondas with Heart along with the SCCS for their Autocross events and it’s worked very well for both clubs in boosting our attendance thus increasing the donation amounts we see each year. This year being no different for […]

The RP Annual Christmas Party: 2015

January is now drawing to a close and I’m sitting here writing our Christmas Party post… wow. Time seriously moves quicker the older we get, or it seems as if it does.  Maybe it’s because we spend so much time on the move we don’t think about it, constantly going […]

RP Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since our last post.. hell, it seems like yesterday we were celebrating our Thanksgiving and Christmas parties we get together for every year.  This year the only thing different was the restaurant! MacKenzie River Pizza had just opened up and with a […]

Another World Championship Season is in the books

The past few years a few of the members in Relentless Productions as well as our friend TJ have been following the Formula 1 calendar more intently than had in the past.. with that we have made it a tradition to watch two races of the season live for sure.. […]

RP Gear – 25% off for the Holidays!

Here’s your chance to get some RP Gear only showcased at our Hondas with Heart​ and Food Drive Meet​ shows here locally in Sioux Falls. We are running a 25% off sale on all merchandise on the website as well as a Fun Box full of random shirts and decals.. […]

Kenny’s in town, let’s do lunch!

This past weekend Kenny was in town with his girlfriend Allison for a gender release party for friends of theirs that was having a baby.. yes that’s a thing.. none of us knew this haha.  Like you’ve seen in the past here on The Blog, when our friends are in […]

Hondas with Heart Year 6: A long time goal has come to fruition

It’s crazy to think that Hondas with Heart is nearly a month ago now.. I have to apologize for the length in time from when the show was to when this post is going up on The Blog but here it is and I hope you enjoy it.  This year […]

RP Summer Vacation.. the road home from Import Alliance

Here we are.. seemingly Autumn already.. or at least it’s felt like that the last few days up here in Sioux Falls, since the Hondas with Heart weekend last weekend; which we’ll have coverage up within the next week once Zach get’s his images put up on his Flickr page. […]